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( Jan 25, 2016) A music shop of the oldest order in Winchester. Firstly in the late 1800's just below the Westgate, then at 46 High St after which in the square under the Butter Cross. They ended up in a small premises in a side street where after a fire in the 1960's they were merged into Whitwams. Dave Chaffey (see Whitwams)worked there first. The record bag example was used by many retailers in the 1960's. Comment: Phil Farlow.

I bought my first single in Teague & King (Donna by 10 CC) when it was in Little Minster Street, Winchester. It was mainly a musical instrument shop, but did have a record dept.

Neil Fisher

The music shop was founded in 1880 by Wiltshire-born William Teague and Frederick William King. For ten years, the shop occupied 75 High Street—an address that Winchester locals will have walked past on many occasions as they trotted into town or hiked up to the Westgate Museum. It’s now the site of Three Minsters House and, although the façade has changed a little, much of it has remained the same.




Teague & King 46 Hight Street, Winchester

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