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Name: Julie Ross
Comment: I am 60 now, I remember having to order from Terry Blood back in the day, good days.

Name: Tony Greenwood
Comment: He delivered wholesale record orders in his first gold-coloured Rolls Royce to our Wilmslow shop, on another occasion I was on the same flight as Terry, Glasgow to Manchester, he'd agreed in principle to sell to RS McColls, we were rat-arsed!

The one classic memory was on a Sunday morning at the Warehouse, he put on a new release single, and shouted to me, "Tone, it's gonna be massive, it is, you mark my words!" He wasn't wrong, Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street! I remember Tony Denson and John Isaacs who worked for him.


Dave Harwood
06 Dec 2023 at 02:01
I found this classified advert in the 'Crewe Chronicle' dated 7th November 1974: “TERRY BLOOD RECORDS LIMITED require a PART-TIME ASSISTANT (3 days a week). An interest in music is essential and experience in retail selling would be an advantage. Please ring Crewe 2426 for interview.”
… and this advert in the 'Staffordshire Newsletter' dated 1st August 1975: “TERRY BLOOD: Now Open at Stafford. Unit 8, Mount Street Development (Sheridan Centre), Stafford. Tremendous selection of LP's and Tapes, including Jazz, Country and Western, Folk, Soul, Progressive, etc.”
… and also this advert in the 21st November 1975 edition: “TERRY BLOOD RECORDS - SAVE MONEY THIS CHRISTMAS 30p off all L.P.'s & PRE-RECORDED TAPES with voucher. NOT just the top 50, as most shops, but every L.P. & TAPE IN STOCK until December 24th. Cut out this voucher and Save Money this Christmas. TERRY BLOOD RECORDS Sheridan Centre, Stafford.”
… plus this announcement in the 'Sandwell Evening Mail' dated 16th April 1976: “Terry Blood shop in Sandwell Centre. ROLL up, roll up, Sandwell's record spinners! There is great news this Easter. Terry Blood Records are opening a brand new shop in the Sandwell Centre tomorrow.”
… and this advert in the 'Staffordshire Sentinel' dated 22nd September 1983: “WHO IS BEST FOR RECORDS IN HANLEY? TRY US AND SEE. TERRY BLOOD RECORDS 17 Piccadilly, Hanley.”



Sandwell Centre B70 West Bromwich / West Midlands
Unit 8, Mount Street Development (Sheridan Centre) Stafford / Staffordshire
17 Piccadilly, Hanley Stoke-on-Trent / Staffordshire
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