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It was a magnet for Punk and Rock fans looking for something a bit different; they always had everything. It was also part inspiration for Nick Hornby's shop in "Hi-Fidelity", as he used to shop there himself when he was a teacher at Parkside School just across the park from the shop. A few visiting bands used to come to the shop to for record signing ect... I still know one of the guys who used to work in the store in its heyday early 1980s too. It has since built up a near legendary status and wasn't the same when it moved to upstairs at Andy's Burleigh Street store though.

Here's a pic that I found online -with old manager Derek I think his name was, there don't seem to be any others available these days. There's another I took of what's there now - a kebab shop...!! ;( Dean.

(Mar 23, 2014) Tony Deaves said:Happy Day's of enjoying your teenage years

Cambridge was my home town, and I grew up frequenting Andy’s Records in Bury St Edmunds near school. In the heady new wave days, I was always getting the bus into town to access some obscure 45rpm John Peel has been playing the night before: invariably, it was there at The Beat Goes On: a musical Mecca: fond memories!

Mike Thorne


Colin Maxey
05 Oct 2023 at 10:54
The Manager’s name was indeed Derek. Derek Chapman, a lovely gentle man with a great knowledge of and enthusiasm for music. He went on to work for Backs in Norwich, part of the Cartel. I wonder where he is now, hope he’s happy and well.
He introduced me to Big Star one sunny afternoon, as we walked in while killing time before going to see The Jam at the Corn Exchange later.
I originally met Derek when I worked in various Andy’s shops a few years, as did Boo Hewerdine in the Cambridge stock room.
Fun times, happy carefree days.
Dave Harwood
06 Dec 2023 at 03:36
I found this advert in the 'Cambridge Daily News' dated 15th December 1977: “THE BEAT GOES ON AT ANDY'S RECORDS, 73 REGENT ST., CAMBRIDGE. TELEPHONE: CAMBRIDGE 66544.”



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