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It was a magnet for Punk and Rock fans looking for something a bit different; they always had everything. It was also part inspiration for Nick Hornby's shop in "Hi-Fidelity", as he used to shop there himself when he was a teacher at Parkside School just across the park from the shop. A few visiting bands used to come to the shop to for record signing ect... I still know one of the guys who used to work in the store in its heyday early 1980s too. It has since built up a near legendary status and wasn't the same when it moved to upstairs at Andy's Burleigh Street store though.

Here's a pic that I found online -with old manager Derek I think his name was, there don't seem to be any others available these days. There's another I took of what's there now - a kebab shop...!! ;( Dean.

(Mar 23, 2014) Tony Deaves said:Happy Day's of enjoying your teenage years

Cambridge was my home town, and I grew up frequenting Andy’s Records in Bury St Edmunds near school. In the heady new wave days, I was always getting the bus into town to access some obscure 45rpm John Peel has been playing the night before: invariably, it was there at The Beat Goes On: a musical Mecca: fond memories!

Mike Thorne




The Beat Goes On 73 Regent Street Cambridge

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