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Read more about The Cottage on the My Brighton and Hove site.

The Cottage was another Brighton wonder. They were a superb resource for old albums, especially jazz and old psychedelia, and their prog rock etc selection was always grand. Very particular about condition. They were infuriating for getting advance copies of new lps long before the record shops did – reps from the companies used to regularly say ‘I suppose you’ve already got a copy of this’ when they proudly uncovered a white label of a new album. The Cottage used to get their advance copies from all over the place, they never revealed where although we laughed about it. And yes, those reps I mentioned often sold to them!
I wasn’t living in Brighton at the time, but I’d always been under the impression that the murder took place near Brighton Station, not Powys Square. Not impossible, and both were gay haunts at the time (the shop name was somewhat apposite) but Powys Square is quite a distance to walk a dog, and the ‘stabbing spree’ fits better in the station area, rather than a several mile spread. I don’t have time to check the Evening Argus at the moment, but there’s articles.

The Alternative Brighton (1973) entry says: 2nd hand, sometimes has review copies in near perfect condition, lots of singles and nasty knick-knacks, they buy preferably ‘recent stereo LPs in first class condition’.

The Cottage was run by two brothers up until around 1980, when sadly one of them was murdered in Powis Square or thereabouts when out walking his dog. The culprit was down from London and went on a stabbing rampage starting out from the station. The store closed shortly afterwards. (Update: Alternative Brighton by Noyce & Jarman flagged up by Shelley Guild 30.03.20 – They were a secondhand shop that bought and sold preferably recent stereo LP’s in first class condition and sometimes had review copies in near perfect condition, as well as lots of singles).

Gordon Keitch
I remember a coffee bar of that name in Middle Street. You could get chip rolls there.

Geoff Finch
Yeah l remember the Cottage, opposite the dome. Some sad history with a staff member but a great shop. Terrance who worked there was my go to classical expert when l had my own shop. I asked one do you have any singles, they said yes a basement full bu… See more

Jon Mansell
Was it called one o seven at one point ?

Catherine Clement
Jon Mansell ??? Possibly 107 Southover Street??? Jon Griffin

Catherine Clement
There’s a discussion on the MyBrighton&Hove website - but mainly about a painting of it, and the artist (Aubrey Budd) rather than the shop itself.

Geoff Hearn
I spent many days flicking through the record bins there, buying, selling and part exchanging records A very pleasant memory from my early days in Brighton when I lived in Over Street!

Stephen Hodgkins
Quite a lot of bargains to be had .....still got them all ....45 years on




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