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My first record shop was The Gramophone Shop - just opposite the City Hall - beside the Linenhall Library. I bought my first single there 'I'm A Boy' - The Who - at the ripe old age of 12. It was especially notable for the listening booths. We would drop in after school to regularly listen to the latest sounds. It was there I decided between 'Harvest' and 'A Nod's As Good As A Wink'. I chose the Faces. I also remember first hearing Led Zeppelin there (LZ II)and Rory Gallagher with Taste - 'On The Boards'. Aah nostalgia, it ain't like it used to be.

I worked there in the 1970s. This was my first job after leaving school and I loved it. Went to see Bowie in London 1975 with Wesley Graham who also worked there. Happy times. Comment: Gerry McGarry.

Keith M. 'Great shop. Bought madness and specials after school in 81&82 there. Loved listening headphones. Etched in memory.' (April 22, 2016).

Stephen Killen
I bought my first LP in the Gramophone shop in the 70s. It was our first stop when we got in to town on a Saturday. An LP, a wimpy burger and milkshake and bus home, 3 quid.With the words "dont be gettin bloo up" shouted from your mum on the way out the door. I sound like my granda now!

Bill Adair
I used to kill time in the Gramophone shop....listening to LP's in one of the little booths at the back. I was a school kid so I rarely bought one...didn't half get to sample some crackers though.

Roberta Seenan
My first job after school was at the Gramophone Shop (in 1970) The manager then was called Solomon. And it did have an upstairs where they had the stereos etc as I had to dust them. It was where I met my husband - it was the place where all the cool guys went on Saturdays to listen to music!

CK Watt
I would go into the Gramaphone shop with my father. He would buy different records of all styles to introduce our family to Culture with à capital C. Irish tenors, south American pan pipes, you name It, he bought it. Through that I discovered Tubular Bells and the Beatles double red and blue. Then I decided to become a drummer. Thanks Dad!




The Gramophone Shop 16 Donegall Square Belfast

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