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Robert Killeen

Brought my first record from there Cliff Richard fall in love. Also Johnny Preston's Running bear.

Mick Mckenzie

Bought my first ever 78 from there. It's almost tomorrow by The Dreamweavers, about 1955.

Tony Cant

Glady's was the lady in the Music Box, got most of my singles from her. She lived up Marlbrook opposite Tesco's in a bungalow and I saw her in a car a few years back. Don' t know if she's still with us.....great lady and a brilliant record shop...

David Lloyd

I think the lady you’re referring to was Mrs Towner ,she ran the music box on the Bristol rd by Ryde Park rd ,she passed away about 9years ago ,she lived in Linehouse Kn Marlbrook

Patricia Hadfield

I remember going into this shop. Loved going in the booth to listen to the record, sadly I could never afford to buy them.

Maureen Matthews Stokes

Loved this shop remember getting Elvis heartbreak hotel also Guy Mitchel singing the blues my eldest brother used to give me the money to fetch them old 78's

Keith Maxwell

Yes i got my records from them for my disco




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