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Name: James Murphy
Comment: I think (if I can remember rightly) this was called Jotchams first of all. I bought the first single I can remember buying there - Eddie Floyd's Knock On Wood. I was six years old. As I grew up from 1967-1976, I bought all my records from there. I remember buying albums such as The Four Tops' Greatest Hits, Elvis Presley's GI Blues (re-release) and many more.

Name: texavery.
Comment: Music Box had a better selection of vinyl despite being smaller. The guy who ran [it] was also enthusiastic and friendly - a real help when you walk into a music shop for the first time with your pocket money and the coppers you'd scrounged. I remember handing over £1.49 for a 7" copy of the Damned's Eloise in early 1986 - studying the bands at the back, the names and crappy art work, and investigating the B-side was all part of the experience. It was a step into being an adult, I'd stopped spending my money on toy cars and sweets and started saving albums... both shops closed down relatively recently, The Music Box started selling Playstation games as well as CDs and DVDs but had given up on records many years ago.