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Dave Harwood
09 Dec 2023 at 04:14
I found this listing in the 'Hampshire Telegraph' dated 25th January 1929: “Tickets: Reserved and Numbered, 5/-; Reserved (not Numbered), 3/-, booked at the Music Studio, 8, College Street, Petersfield. 'Phone 147.”
… and this advert in the 10th December 1937 edition: “Here's Christmas Cheer with music you select yourself. All Makes of Gramophone Records in stock. Pianos, Violins, Piano Accordians, Radios, Radiograms, Music, Mouth Organs, Drums, Cases, etc. MUSIC STUDIO 34, HIGH STREET, PETERSFIELD Telephone 147. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC.”
… and this piece, on page 20, in the same issue: “To dance you must have some music and Music Studios on the corner of High Street and College Street have for your choice all the latest tunes in sheet music and all the well-known makes of gramophone records.”



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