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'The Record Album' - Brighton's longest serving record shop

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( Feb 22, 2016) The story goes that George Ginn started his shop in 1948 when he came out of the forces with a ton of records he brought back from the far east. George specialises in soundtracks and all his records are in primo-deluxe condition. When I first went into The Record Albumin the 70s it was in North Road, then it moved very briefly to Queens Road... finally ending up in Terminus Road. His shop found a new lease of life in the late 80s and 90s when DJs started finding breakbeats in soundtrack albums. Comment: Michael Bradshaw.

The Record Album, 8 Terminus Road, Brighton, BN1 3PE. Online HERE.
Until his retirement in 2018, George Ginn was Brighton’s longest established record dealer with the little blue-fronted shop at 8 Terminus Road, the third premises it has occupied. Originally The Record Album was at 27 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UP from 1954 to 1958. After Gardner Street it moved to 34 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YB, where it opened in 1948, then in the very early ’80s it moved to Queen’s Road, Brighton, but it was only there for a very short time before moving to Terminus Road. The Record Album has passed to new owners, Keith Blackmore and David Chappell. The shop has always dealt exclusively in vinyl, specialising in mostly film, stage and musical soundtrack LP’s. Late in 2019, they had £1000 worth of stock stolen, which made the news.

'The Record Album' - Brighton's longest serving record shop

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The Record Album

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