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If I've got it right, this shop was to the left of the entrance of Tooting Broadway tube station. It was there right into the late `80s and the interior was never changed. It was like a time warp in there! Comment: Mark Griffiths.

(Nov 16, 2014) Baz said:It was definately there until the mid 90s as I used to purchase at least one record off them every few weeks, before I left Tooting in around 94 . Now its a Starbucks :(



Robert Silverton
16 Sep 2023 at 09:45
I used to work at the Record Centre from 1973 to 76.Frank Sherwood was the manager when I started there but sadly he died a year later. Jan Greenhead took over and was still the manager when I left. The pay was rubbish. Never the less I had some great times there and made a great many friends.



The Record Centre 2 Mitcham Road, Tooting, SW17

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