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pme690 Says –
Hi All,
Mark here, from Record Peddler. The shop stayed open until 1992, I then spent three years doing record fairs around the UK and Europe, eventually selling the stock to the guy who took over at Swan Street and opened a guitar shop.
I kept some stuff and still have a lot of Factory label collectables and other bits and bobs.
It's great to hear that the shop is still remembered fondly by customers. In those pre- social media days, I never did get the chance to say thank you to everyone who supported the shop over the years, so I'll do it now... 'Thank you' to each and every one of you.


Michael Damian Taylor
03 Aug 2023 at 12:01
I remember THE RECORD PEDDLER fairly well. I was still at school (14-15) and I first went in about 1980 and bought records. I remember not much about it apart from it being long and there was a Tom Petty poster, I think 🤔
What I most definitely recall is buying Mayflower punk gig tickets that looked like old style raffle tickets. I do most definitely remember the guys running the place being really friendly.
Another world altogether and glad I experienced it.
Dave Harwood
11 Dec 2023 at 11:23
I found this piece in the 'Manchester Evening News' dated 4th November 1989: “... Back in Manchester, Mark (who absolutely refuses to divulge his surname) owner of specialist record shop, The Record Peddler on Swan Street, has been involved with record fairs for 10 years. Like most people involved the business he is first and foremost a music fan. His speech is vibrant and enthusiastic. Even after such a long involvement with records he seems neither jaded nor cynical but he has seen many changes ...”
Mike PieLad
17 Feb 2024 at 05:04
I used to go in with Andy H on a Saturday afternoon. There was always a supply of posters available to adorn my teen bedroom wall. One of the most impressive things was the full array of smarties lids - all 26 of them!



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