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The Record Pedlar in Bury St Edmunds was exceptional.An unlikely rival to the Andy's Records mother ship on the same street. Mostly vinyl with a smattering of CDs I would pluck up the courage to go in when I was 16 and see if my selections would pass muster with the glitterariti behind the counter. I remember getting approval for Jacobs Mouse, Elvis and The Smiths and properly sneered at when I purchased The Soup Dragons and EMF. These guys were too cool for school and for a while I dreamed of working in such an establishment but knew I could never compete with these purveyors of taste. I took me a long time to get over the notion that social status was determined entirely by obscure music knowledge and appreciation. Comment; Bamber

(Sept 8, 2013) Anonymous said:Where in Bury S.E was The Record Pedlar? I remember the name, but not the location.

The Record Pedlar started in St John's Street and then moved to Risbygate Street.
The photo attached is not related to The Record Pedlar bur a Haverhill shop similarly named after we closed in the 1990s that shop had a different spelling as the photo shows

alison haylett




The Record Pedlar Bury St Edmunds

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