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Name: Rob Millis
I worked there as Saturday tea oik for a while in my mid-teens. I still speak to a couple of the guys. Tim Bright the owner is alive and well and still living in Surrey, and after the shop closed for a while was part of Vivante (vinyl importers). I still see most of the regular customers around Kingston, Wimbledon and Teddington. Great days.

Name: CC Rider
I spent hours and hours in this shop from the 1970s to 1990s when it closed. It was run by someone knowledgable and with a real passion for music and knew about the music they sold.
(27 May 2013)

Name: Rob Davis
I used to go there a lot in the early 1990s. I thought it was the best record shop in Kingston at the time. I think it closed in the mid-1990s.
(11 July 2012)

Name: Neil Wyatt
Comment: As soon as Tim brought out the tea and biscuits he knew I was going to buy even more albums by even more obscure artists. He fleeced me for thousands over the years... and I loved every minute of it. Oh how I miss those yellow and black bags. Neil the Rush fan.
(12 April 2017)

Name: Sarah Ev
Comment: Oh what a blast from the past! Briefly dated one of the staff, he took me to see Bob Dylan and then Joe Satriani on consecutive nights, his bedroom was stacked high with vinyl, that’s where his wages went. He had the best hair! Reminded me of Neil from The Young Ones!

Name: Martin Davy
Comment: Tim was such a lovely guy to deal with. As someone else has said, as soon as the tea and biscuits came out you knew that it was going to be a bad day for your wallet.

Name: Clive Aspinal
Comment: It was where I went a few times a week, and Tim and I think it was Martin recommended LPs to me! Many appearances by rock stars! Fish and Stevie Salas! Was sad when it closed but bought some CD wooden boxes that I used for years! My love of music was born from going there!

Name: Keith Harris
Comment: I bought my Ziggy Stardust album from that shop and can even remember the date… 8 March 1975.

Rory Lemon
11 Feb 2024 at 11:40
So many fond browsing memories!

I was introduced to the wide extending sounds of the grunge era, such as The Black Crowes, FNM, Soundgarden, including the week Pearl Jam's 'Ten' was released and I got the Alive 7" & 12" single thrown in for free along with the LP... for a fiver! I listened to the whole album as they were playing it in the shop, so I had to take it all home with me.. 💪🏼❤️✨️



66 Fife Road KT1 1SP Kingston-upon-Thames / Surrey
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