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The first link added from another web site to here British Record Shop Archive. If you're in the area drop in and buy a record. You can access detials on the link of the image on the left here. Thanks to Phil Daniels for the information and also giving me more details about other shops that existed in the area.

(Aug 6, 2012) Matt Courtman said:I remember stumbling across The Record Shop back in 1997, not long after it first opened. I wasn’t a record collector at the time but wanted to obtain a track that had eluded me for years. It was one of those songs that feature in the background of a movie that you can’t get out of your head, but not knowing the title or artist it was very hard to find (remember the Internet wasn’t about then). I gave Tony the proprietor some of the lyrics and he very quickly produced no less than 3 versions by different artists. After a listen and a chat about sixties music I left the shop with my first bag of vinyl 7” singles and that was it, I was hooked. I returned week after week, slowly amassing a collection of the popular hits of the sixties, before moving onto more obscure rarities as my tastes changed.

Tony’s knowledge and stock in the shop is immense, if there’s a song you’re after the chances are he’ll know it and more than likely have it either on vinyl or CD. It’s always good to go in for a chat and there’s always music playing in the shop so it’s hard to leave without hearing a new tune.

So if you’re heading to King’s Lynn be sure to drop into The Record Shop, but allow plenty of time as you won’t want to leave quickly! If you’re like me and become a regular (of which there are many) you’ll not only gain a wealth of knowledge on everything vinyl but you might just make a new friend!

(May 6, 2012) Liam Baker said:As a vinyl junkie myself i have been coming to Tony's since i was 16 and virtually live there, its like a 2nd home. My wife and family always know where to find me, when im in town.
Over the years i have traveled up and down great britain scouring record shops, and i have to say Tony's is the best presented and easy to look through. I have found that 90% if not more record shops are either very cluttered and not in any sort of order or its dark and dingy. I am very lucky to have this on my door step. As i strongly believe this is the best place i have found to buy records. If your stuck for something obscure you can bet your life Tony has heard of it and may well have it.

(Apr 29, 2012) said:This shop is brilliant. A must to visit. John Reid




13 Southgate Street Bath, 7 Shurdington Road Cheltenham Spa


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