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(May 27, 2013) Geoff said:With it's Moody Blues connections this was always good for a promo item or to. I remember getting a few free Moody Blues promo T-Shirts here in the 70s.

(Feb 23, 2015) I was the drummer in a folk-rock band called Tamarisk in 1973 and our bass player knew the staff at the Threshold Record Shop well enough to blag us an audition with the Moody Blues producer, Tony Clarke! He was sufficiently impressed with us to record four songs at Decca's studio at Tollington Park in North London, where the Moodies had just recorded 'Seventh Sojourn', and advised us to write some more original material and get back to him. Unfortunately our main songwriter decided to quit shortly after and the band fell apart. We later managed to acquire the audition tape as a reminder of what might have been! Comment: Dave Harwood.





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