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DJ John Stapleton worked here and regulars of the Bristol music 90's music scene Portishead, Tricky etc.. could be found browsing here.
I worked for Tony when his shop was in Focus in Princess Victoria St Clifton in 1977 . His wealth of musical knowledge was great and his support of local musicians vast.He lent me the money for my AC30 guitar amp ( bought from The Gig Shop Gloucester Rd) £80.00 s/h and let me work it off in his shop. I still have the records I bought from him all those years ago but sadly not the Amp. A legend of a man who also paid for the first Heartbeat Records Single by local band Social Security of which I was a member. Incidentally the artwork for Tony’s Record Bags was done by another local Norman Gosney who went on to open Burlesque Clubs in New York and Shanghai .
Simon Blackmore


Mark Studden
11 Jul 2023 at 04:03
I was in Tony's at least twice a week for a lot of the 1980s. What a cornucopia of delights it was - I spent ages in there listeneing to whatever was being played over the shop system, chatting to Tony and the staff, asking about LPs I'd heard of but not heard, hoovering up suggestions for what to look out for, and going home with one or more purchase in my shoulder bag. There was a box of new arrivlas next to the till - always the first place to check. Some albums I took months to find, but got there in the end. A copy of Ronnie Laws' 'Pressure Sensitive' on Blue Note took ages to show up. One year, driving back from a holiday in Scotland, I caught a track on the radio while waiting for the ferry from Skye (before the bridge!) and scribbled down the name of the artist literally on the back of a fag packet. Back in Bristol, I made my way to Tony's and asked him if he had the record in the shop - he said he thought he did, but that it wasn't on the shop shelves, it was somewhere in the basement stock room. Did I want to go dwon and look for it - it might take some time? Sure I did, and descended the rickety steps into second hand vinyl heaven; half an hour later I emerged triumphantly clutching his copy of 'Play It By Ear' by Roogalator, which he promptly sold to me for a modest sum; it's a cracking little album that is still on my shelf today. I have great memories of Tony's - it was exactly what a record shop should be; stacked with music, staffed by musicians, and full of musical punters.



Tony’s Records (Sidetrax) 26 Princes Street Bristol

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