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If I remember correctly, the record store inside was H.M.V. Comment: Marty

Name Robert Sider

Yes it was in Top Shop I worked there as sales assistant to the Manageress Madeleine Hare around 1977. We had both worked for W.H.Smiths in St Stephens St prior to this in their record department. I do remember the EMI rep popping a copy of a single onto our decks and telling us that it would be number 1, we disagreed and only ordered 5 copies. The single was Kate Bush Wuthering Heights. I spent most of my money in the first year there buying obscure punk singles but then got hooked on disco and started collecting 12" disco singles. I ended up with over 300 by the time I had left. They were great days we had the Radio DJ Adrian Juste visit on occasions, once with Fiona Richmond one of Paul Raymond's soft porn actress's.(Nov 7, 2016).

Name Robert Sider

Just to correct Marty's comment it was actually Harlequin Records. (Nov 10, 2016




Part of the Harlequin chain
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