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Name Jon Wozencroft Comment: Goodness. I'm surprised that there are no reflections on this important outlet, it was the epitome of the CD revolution in the mid 80s and onwards to that demise.

As you entered Tower, you'd be blasted by racks of the new releases, attractively priced (or not, depending on...), stacked up like a wall of record company promotion. However, go upstairs and you'd find an amazingly curated selection in the Jazz, Classical, Folk departments etc.

I could find a Jon Hassell CD that they wouldn't have in Virgin or HMV, and in the International section, a great selection of Serge Gainsbourg French imports. For a short time in the late 80s early 90s, Tower was at the top of the record retailing pile.



Purchased by Freddie Mercury at Keningsotn High Strett branch, now on sale in the auction by Sotherby's




Tower Records Piccadilly Circus

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