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Town Records bag - that certainly takes me back in time! Town Records was very well know for importing records from the States and members of the Rollings Stones and other groups would often drop by to catch up on the latest imports. The problem was that the USA pressing were often of such poor quality - we used to get a lot returned as faulty which then had to be written off - so this was not very profitable. Those in the States didn't seem to worry about quality - but shoppers here had got used to good quality pressings particularly those pressed in Germany. In the end I decided to sell Town Records as I found overseeing two shops as well as our Spanish Imports and public library business was really more than I could come with. I left empire building to the likes of Richard Branson and of course in time he too decided to get out of record retailing. It was always thought that Richard was a very talented self-made business man. This was true but he probably wouldn't have been so successful without the start-up capital that he got from his father estimated to be £100,000 which in the early '60s would be well over £1million. Regards Shaun.

Well Mick J and Bill W used to leave Keith R in the armchair at Town Records at about 10am and not come back for him until 6pm! He was very docile if you know what I mean! Comment Simon Drew. ( August 7, 2016)


Dave Harwood
13 Dec 2023 at 04:54
I found this advert in the 'Chelsea News & General Advertiser' dated 19th November 1965: “TOWN RECORDS - OPEN NOW! 402 KING'S ROAD, S.W.10. Open until 6.30 p.m. Telephone: FLAxman 4865.”
… and this advert in the 'Kensington Post' dated 20th June 1969: “TOWN RECORDS, 402 KINGS ROAD, CHELSEA - BEST PROGRESSIVE ROCK SHOP IN TOWN. TEL.: FLA 4865.”


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