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Name: Nick Heath
Comment: This was in Dorking, on the high street. I bought Reign in Blood by Slayer there so that would’ve been 1986/7. I think it probably closed around 1989 but can’t be sure. It was a real classic record shop. Dark, musty, all the dust covers on the LPs were quite old a greasy. But I cannot think of Dorking without thinking of it.


Dave Harwood
13 Dec 2023 at 05:25
I found this advert in the 'Surrey Advertiser' dated 27th July 1973: “Opening date August 16th - 10% OFF ALL LP's AND TAPES, PLUS FURTHER DISCOUNT VOUCHER WITH EVERY PURCHASE. Track and Groove, 112 High Street, Dorking - your newest record shop. Offer ends September 1st so don't delay!”
… and this classified advert in the same issue: “NEW record shop, track and groove, requires sales staff, with or without previous experience. Applicants must be musically enthusiastic— Tel. Mr. Castleman, Dorking 81378.”


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