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Visited once around summer `79 - they were playing the Specials' 'Gangsters' which had just come out. It was all very Mod Revival and I think they also sold clothes. The records were extortionate - copies of the Who's Brunswick singles at a fiver each when they could easily be had elsewhere for a couple of quid. Never went back. Comment: Mark Griffiths.
( April 8. 2015) I went to this shop a FEW times as a young rockabilly to buy a FEW rockabilly 45s rockabilly got big in 1981 so thre was lots of good 50s rockabilly 45s coming out the polecats in the charts by 83 the Shop was shut. Comment: Sean Wynne

I used to help out sometimes in this shop. It was run by Steve Weeks. It released a couple of singles on it's own label.
It did not sell clothes. Prices were not unreasonable, but Steve knew his stuff so sold rare issues at their correct values. This was probably the case with The Who disc.
Geoffrey Cox

Well thanks for that geoff. Good to hear from you. There were a few dodgy t shirts kicking around but we didn't really sell clothes. Fiver for a who brunswick depends on the title... .
Steve weeks




Twist & Shout Records 151 Battersea High Road, SW11
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