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I remember going to this shop in my teens etc. . . . Not too big but once you got to know the staff there was plenty of help and musical avenues to explore. . . Think this closed down and the shop front became the local Council Office for Poll tax collection etc. . . . Have some distant memory that this used to be another record shop called Harlequin or Carnival records. . Anyone else remember that? Comment: Lawrence Levine

This was originally opened as a video rental store and also a record shop (vinyl). Then moving to CD as that became more popular. There was always help and willingness to source records from the staff. This included some rare limited editions of new releases and import records too Comment: Lawrence Levine..
Used to go here sometimes after school in early 80's. It was a chart return shop so used to get all sorts of special editions - double packs, T shirts etc

Name Dave Tanner (2020)​

Video Disc was the place! As a DJ back then I was always in there from 1985-1988. They had a good selection of 12" singles (on average £2.80 according to the stickers on the sleeves of the ones I've still got), also got a few one off promos from there every now and again. Can't remember the name of the young guy who worked behind the counter, but he was always very friendly and full of jokes, it was a great place to buy records from.

MagicScorcher (2020)




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