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David Bell
Bought Tubular Bells here 1973
Polly Cziok
This shop was a social destination for us late 80s teens. We would go and hang around upstairs after school and bug Martin, having first slipped into the very plush ladies loos in Plummers to get out of our St Anne's uniforms and into regulation goth gear.

Dave Baddick
I used to go there and buy my chart singles.they would give me some freebies of which was relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood

Kate Sinclair
This is where I bought my little sis a Bucks Fizz album for her birthday. ..I was so embarrassed, I bought The Alarm 's Declaration album at the same time to raise my street cred!

Cindy Foad
Kev Foad,- !!!!! WOW this was where I worked with Steve Gibbs, Paul Taylor aka Nobby, Maggie, Steve Pullen, George ? Liz & Marty. Fab days great memories a real social centre for all local music fans. Remember the headphones and Jamacian imports and then the introduction of the 12" single for all those funky DJ's who came in to see us week after week. Ummm the smell of the shrink wrap !

James Hislop
One day, as kids, we were walking past there and they were changing the window display. The bloke doing it said: 'Want these?' It was a box full of covers for the new Earth Wind and Fire album - but only the covers. So we said yes, not knowing what to do with them. As it turned out we frisbeed most of them, about 30 maybe, off the back of the Hythe Ferry one at a time, watching them catching the sun as they tossed about in the wake. They looked great.

Geoff Hooper

It was hard work for me as at one time we had 3 retail outlets in Southampton alone. One in Debenhams, a Virgin hifi outlet in another large department store called Plummers as well as the normal record store and I had to oversee all

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