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Galsgow Virgin a genuinely exciting shop when it first opened. Tons of non-mainsteam records* and a fairly subversive attitude. Originally had a cloakroom at the door to deter shoplifters. For a while had it's own head shop concession (stone age) selling dope relater paraphernalia. Needless to say went downhill after a massive corporate makeover. Comment Jay Kay.

I remember the first Virgin record shop in Argyle Street Glasgow 0 it was one dump! :) Folk used to go there and hang out - the windows were filthy - just a hang out place. (February 15, 2017) Jan Robertson

‘Glam punk’ Morrison is an always particularly entertaining presence in the film, talking of her delight at Johnny Rotten telling her that he despised her when she asked him to sign a Sex Pistols single in Virgin Records in Edinburgh. Hilary Morrison

Thank you to Charles Laing for this scan.

  • 61 Thistle Street- The first of the Edinburgh Virgin Shops
  • 131 Princes Street
  • 18a Frederick Street (The Sex Pistols did an instore signing here when they visited Edinburgh on a promo trip).





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