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Dave Harwood
19 Dec 2023 at 10:07
I found this advert in the 'North Wales Weekly News' dated 13th December 1956: “WAGSTAFFS (Members of the R.T.R.A.) PIANOS, ORGANS, RADIO, TELEVISION, CLAVIOLINES, MUSIC & RECORDS. A Very Happy Xmas - Say It With Music. WAGSTAFFS Have a Really Good Selection of VERY ACCEPTABLE & INEXPENSIVE GIFTS for CHILDREN and GROWN-UPS. Portable Gramophones, Records, Music, Mouth Organs, Musical Boxes, Recorders, Beautiful Leather Music Cases, Electric Playing Desks, Portable Radios, Complete Electric 3-Speed Gramophones. IN FACT, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC. Why not a Record or Music Gift Token? 12 VAUGHAN ST., LLANDUDNO (Next to G.P.O.) Telephone 664.”


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