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"Photo by Kake, used under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa licence. Item from the collection at the Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service."

My youngest son used to visit Wax City in London Road, West Croydon. The manager there was also a regular D.J. at WiseGuys bar, just over the road from Wax City, near the Safari cinema, in the late 1990’s.
He remembers the Aztec/Egyptian designs in the original Wax City shop. They then moved over the road right next to the Safari cinema and changed their name to ‘Nu-Wax City’ utilizing similar Aztec/Egyptian designs for the signage. Comment: Dave Harwood (July 5, 2016)

I used to work in Wax City in the 90's. The shop was started by Remi and we had different sections which we ran as our own businesses.
I ran the hip hop & R&B, Phil ran the house & garage, Danny was the reggae man and John ran the 'Hardcore Zone' which was a room on it's own.
I left before the shop completely closed down but am still in touch with a couple of the guys. As far as I know the shop as a whole didn't move and change the name to Nu-Wax City, that was just the 'Hardcore Zone'.
We also had different bags. The one pictured above was solely for the 'Hardcore Zone'.
Shaun D (2018)

I use to order from here back in 96 through 2000. I used to just send lolly and they would send me a mix box of Old-School from 92/95 era..
Christopher Brobson
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Was into all facets of dance music when i was younger and a lot of my time, and money, was spent in various record shops - Wax City and Apple in Croydon, Blackmarket in Soho and Remix (I think) in Camden
We could literally be in Wax for a whole Saturday morning listening to new tunes, buying rave tickets, gossiping and catching up with other friends and acquaintances who would pop in and out. Happy times!
I used to love Wax City and was in there loads. So much so that I was resident in their techno room at the Future Dance raves Jon and Pete used to put on at Castle Street studios and then Bagleys




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