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Bought my UK London copy of the "Presenting the Ronettes" there. They stuck those yellow labels on the 45's! Comment:John Lester.

Listened to Led Zep 2 for first time in the record booth = Amazing ! Comment: Paul Bakewell.

Wells or 'WMS' as we all called the company, belonged to my grandfather & then my dad till it closed down in about 1996. I worked on & off in several of the shops in Romford during the 70's & 80's.Looking at this label brings back a few memories!

(july 23, 2015) I have fond memories of going into the shop in the 1960's 1970's ,I was a fan of Jazz in those days,Duke Ellington etc. in those days they had little listening booths where you could listen to tracks before you purchased the record,happy days.Comment: Brian Allen.

(Jan 12,2016) Loved that record store, I worked later in a clothing store a few doors down from it in the 70's called Peters (I believe) I remember lining up outside for the release of dark side of the moon, and was late for a wedding. Comment: David Cox.
Name Tim Maryon Comment: I also bought my Ronetts LP in there, in 1965 I think...still have it. We were in there nearly every Saturday...spent bundles of money in Wells. Still have a few singles from late 50's early 60's with that yellow label on em Good memories of those times. (Nov 28,2016)
I worked here on Saturdays from '74-76. Loved every moment. Arthur Wells was the loveliest man, and a true gentleman. Melvin Axelrood was my manager, and he was a top bloke. I used to get paid then spend it on an album a week! Dark side of the Moon was still a big seller, but Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells blew everyone away at that time. Good times.
Jacqui Greening
Born in Romford 1937 left there in 1972 so I have memories of Wells Music Store, also another record shop that later opened in North Street called 'The Second Fiddle'. This had a basement where jazz gigs took place. Unfortunately, the place went down the tubes shortly after they built the ring road. Prior to that there was a bus stop right outside the shop, which afforded Eddie (the proprietor) scope for casual trade! Daresay, if I went back to Romford I would not recognise the place!
Ken (2023)



mick hanson
19 Jul 2023 at 04:39
I had that first guitarist experience in wells (the arcade store) it all looked other wordly, like being on a movie set. I bought bert weedon's Play in a Day. Still playing at 68 now in Brooklyn. Thanks Wells for the start....
Steve Newman
22 Jul 2023 at 07:32
Wells music stores was owned by Arthur Howes, not Arthur Wells



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