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(April20.2015)W H Smiths Cranbrook Road Gants Hill This branch of the chain was not very large but did have racks of records where I recall buying The Byrds “Notorious Byrd Brothers” in a sale. W H Smiths High Road IlfordThis branch was on two floors and upstairs was a very large music department with racks for browsing and stand in listening booths. I have a bizarre recollection of listening to a record called “They’re coming to take me away” by Napoleon XIVth in that shop and feeling very self-conscious as it boomed out around the shop. Comment: David Lawson.

Keith Randall Robert's mention of the Miracles' album has reminded me that W.H.Smith was a good source 1963-9, particularly for 45 rpm. They failed in early '64, however, to provide me - with immediate effect - with Green Onions as a single but they DID have that strange Booker T & The MGs E.P. with a saxophone on the cover, which I bought somewhat reluctantly. It worked out well: every track was a gem.

Stephen Hodder

Cheltenham WH Smith had overhead listening booths in the early 70’s. Preedys ( Universal Stationers) were next door to Smiths at the bottom end of the Promenade. Boots upstairs had booths too.





Part of the WHSmith chain

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