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Mike Batt brought his first single here Speingfields 'Island Of Dreams' form BBC interview in which he called the shop "Wigwhams".

( Jan 23, 2016) 70 High St. Winchester. Opened Dec 1909 close as music retailer Dec 1999. Worked there 1965-70 where helped to form Hi Fi dept with extra assistance in records. Presented 'Record Evenings' of new releases (mainly classical but some pop/light). A very memorable time there. Have a work in progress history in progress. Comments welcome.

I think I was there when Mike Batt came to the store. He may have been local. We also had Alan Freeman do a promo and earlier Winchester personalities were the Brook Brothers (bit before my time there but were still talked about in the 65-70 period.). Lots of classical connections with the shop. Phil Farlow. PS. The shop did actually get dubbed Wigwams in lighter moments ! P






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