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They had branches everywhere but I do remember spending birthday and Christmas money at the Sutton branch. Complete with those booths were one could listen to the record before one bought it. I suppose many record shops had those booths then.

Commnet: Hélène Anderson

“W. H. Smith in North End, Croydon didn’t have much of a record department until they expanded into the Whitgift Centre in the early 1970’s. That was when I noticed their new window display of LP records, after visiting the nearby Gooses Record Centre. I spotted an LP pinned up in the window of W. H. Smith that I really wanted to own – A Long Time Comin’ by The Electric Flag. The sales assistant needed a lot of persuading to remove it from the window so she could sell it to me. I still have it in my collection, complete with pin holes in all four corners of the sleeve!” Dave Harwood. ( April 3, 2016)




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