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Mary Hollamby


Does anyone remember the record department in WH Smiths in Maidehead precinct, 1970's? It used to be upstairs, my freinds and I used to "live" in there! I brought Electric Warrior by T Rex there!!! More shops long gone - Domestic Sowing Centre in Nicholsons Walk, Marshalls Stationary in Queen Street, that shop that used to have the big coffee grinder in the window, smelt lovely, Bromley Bakers where I used to buy lardy cake for my grandad, the Arcade shops where there was a butchers and pet shop with a talking mynah bird. I would also like to hear from anyone who remembers my grandad's post office stores in Burchetts Green in 1960's? My best friends were Jane Churchill and Anne Tuttle, don't know what happened to them

Marilyn Willmott

Yes I remember it ,I got all the Moody Blues and Genesis albums on cassette from there. It wasn’t very big up there and it was usually quiet when I went in there. I loved it up there.I’m trying to remember if they had booths or machines to listen to records on but I cannot remember.


04 Apr 2023 at 02:20
This is still a WH Smith (in 2023). I bought a few records from here when I was at school in the 1980s. I remember picking up The (Hypothetical) Prophets album in a remainder bin so it wasn't just the usual chart records (although it was mostly).

I also bought my first CD player here in the late 80s.



36 High Street
HP11 2AR

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