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Wigfalls (the Firth Park branch is show above) was a chain of shops in Sheffield (started around 1880 by Henry Wigfall if their “established 30 years” strapline on the sleeve is accurate) that sold all kinds of electrical items and household goods. Items could be bought on hire purchase and a collector would call weekly for payments. The records were a sideline designed to help sales of record players. The firm also manufactured some items locally including bikes for some reason (know locally as Wiggies Gas Pipes as they used thick metal tubing to make them rather than proper bike weight metal!). They were also agents for Gilbert gramophone players, made in Sheffield from 1922 – 1931. The firm expanded into Leeds, York, Barnsley, Worksop, Rotherham, Mansfield, Nottingham and Chesterfield. Wigfalls actually bought out Currys in the late 1970s and rebranded most of the old Wigfall shops. They in turn were bought out in 1988 by Dixon’s.




Wigfalls/ Wigfall & Son Ltd. Sheffield

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