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Woods music shop in New St., Huddersfield, now long gone sadly. It was mainly a musical instrument and sheet music shop, but they had quite a decent record selection at the back. Along the back wall was a row of booths (like telephone boxes) with headphones, if you asked nicely they'd play you an album before buying it. The somewhat stuck-up managers' expression was a picture when I asked to listen to the latest Discharge album, lol images-1.gifimages.gifgary1064

Steve White

Oh I still have my woods discount card somewhere from my DJing years in the 80’s!

Fantastic shop, if they didn’t have it, they could get it in a day or two.

Remember going through the catalogues with the staff! So good and knowledgeable. Miss woods like mad.

Graham Wiles

Bought my first record from Woods, Bad Penny Blues by Humphrey Littleton. Used to bunk off school with a mate and listen to records in the booths.

Richard Wilkinson

Worked at Woods in the singles department with two legends, Maureen and Barbara. Their knowledge was immens

Sue Walker-Scott

I worked in Woollies as a Saturday girl, and used to cross Darley St at lunchtime to Shuttleworths to decide which record I would buy with my wages.


Dave Harwood
16 Dec 2023 at 04:35
I found this advert in the 'Huddersfield Daily Examiner' dated 8th July 1960: “These are just few recommended LPs from our large stocks. Call in and browse at your leisure through our selection of LPs and EPs covering music for all tastes. WOODS FOR EVERYTHING MUSICAL 67 New Street, Huddersfield.”



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