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Tony Meech

Woolworths in Eastleigh - Bruce Springsteen, glory days 7".

1st 12" was Nina's 99 red balloons.

Emma Head

Woolworths 79p I'm in the mood for dancing Nolan sisters

Tony Leader

WH Smith in Southampton!

Creedence Clearwater revival!

Listened to the song in a booth before I bought it!

Lynne Jefford

Woolworths and it was The Resurrection Shuffle by Ashton Gardner and Dyke 1971

Dave Fagan

Not in Southampton. In Christchurch ...Last Train to San Fernando -Johnny Duncan on a 10" 1957.

Lewis J Cornick

Woolworths in town, "Massachusetts" The Bee Gees in 1967.

Ren J Harket

Woolworth portswood.. Hot chocolate- king fu fighter

Matt Cross

Do you mean Kung-fu Fighting by Carl Douglas?

Dawn Smith

Woolworths in Woolston. Status Quo Rocking All Over The World.





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