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Bought a lot of records, mostly singles, from Wretched in Soho Market, notable Teenage Kick on Good Vibrations, Crass's Feeding of the Five Thousand and the TV Personalities, "Where's Bill Grundy Now?" Althought I never visited it I belive they had another outlet in Kensington somewhere. Comment Mark Brady.

The seeds of Fresh Records were sown in Alex Howe’s Wretched Records stall in London’s Soho Market in 1978. Alex also ran a mail-order service, and demand from other shops for the Buzzcock’s ‘Spiral Scratch’ EP led him to start Fresh Distribution. Bands such as the Art Attacks, Second Layer, UK Decay and Manufactured Romance came to the stall looking for an outlet for their records. Alan Hauser joined Alex in 1979 bringing his Parole Records label with Family Fodder, Cuddly Toys, The Wall and Bernie Torme to set up the Fresh Records label, and the roster quickly took shape.

(June 25, 2014) Steve Conb said:Ah wretched records, spent many a lunchtime sitting on the oil stove with Wendy listening to what's hot. One time Joey Rammone visited. Where are you now Wendy.

Loved Wretched Records and not only bought fists full of innovative new records from there but made friends with Wendy Glaze and went to untold gigs with her. Whatever happened to Wendy? If you know I’d love to catch up. She left to work in a bookshop but not long after that lost touch.
Steve Cobb




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