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(Jan 22, 2013) Paul said:Cut outs and Portuguese taken by Morrisey..

(Aug 3, 2012) Gareth said:Fantastic to see that all too familiar, if long lost carrier bag again!
I do have one stowed away in the attic, containing a reel-to-reel tape of an old Kenny Everett radio show.
Ahh the memories! Their sales were legendary and you'd get a free bag of peanut M&Ms with every purchase, years before they went on sale in UK shops. It's a gym nowadays, owned by Duncan Bannatyne (or whatever his name is), the Scots 'Dragon's Den' fella.

(April 16, 2015) I loved Yanks 82/83 when I moved to Hulme. Bargains galore. All US cut-outs and cheap. I got my whole Curtis Mayfield, Bootsy Collins, Funkadelic albums in there for 79p each. One time I bought a David Bowie 'Lifetimes' promo for £4.99 - this was a lot at the time. About a week later the same record was going for £200 in the NME classifieds. They had a bunch of them in Yanks - should've bought the lot.
A bit later in '83 they opened another branch underneath the Arndale Centre but this never seemed to have the right vibe. That basement was amazing though. Wish I had a time machine. Oh yeah - their cheapest section was 29p each or 5 for 99p.

The following is taken from Morrissey Autobiography; Yanks is a messy record shop somewhere behind the old Gaumont Cinema on Oxford Road. It is a large, damp cellar stacked with cut-price US deletions, and it is here that I ring the till for a few months – wrapped in a heavy overcoat, as the cellar quite naturally has no heat.
(page 119-120)

Name Steve Carter Comment: Loved Yanks used to go there every Saturday from about 1978 onwards. It also gets a mention in Tim Burgess book Tim Book Two: Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco. (Jan 25, 2017)

Yanks was superb, I spent so much time in there. Strangely the story about the David Bowie - Lifetimes promo resonates as I bought Kiss Alive II there with the misprinted rear sleeve that added extra tracks which didn't appear on the album (I bought it because I thought it was a different version of the album that I already had). There were a few copies of the misprint in stock and now it's seen as one of the holy grails as far as Kiss collectors are concerned. Alas I sold mine ages ago pre internet days and had no idea of it's value.
Nick Clarkson

In 1978/79 I was in HMV on Market Street in Manchester (the old one ) with my ex husband. To our amazement David Johansen of The New York Dolls/ David Johansen band walked in with his band who were playing a gig in Manchester that night. We got talking to him and he was looking for Sandie Shaw albums and other female vocalists. We took them to Yanks Records and he was in his element couldn't believe the selection of sixties artists in there. Always loved that Record Store later Power Cuts which was a regular haunt for us....think David Johansen was pretty impressed as well.
Carole Smart


31 Jul 2023 at 08:15
Many happy memories being at yanks record shop. Bought my 1st u2 album. War. Was living with my partner Anne at the tine . Great days 😃



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