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Place these shops?

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Whitecross Street

Does anyone know the name of the Record Shop that was in Whitecross Street EC1 in the Fifties and Sixties?
Thank You!


A mystery shop traded for only a few months around 1975/76 across the River Thames in Caversham. It was on the corner of Gosbrook Road and Wolsey Street and was owned/run by a man named, I think, John Eddy or Eddie. Stock was all deletions. Can you name that shop?
Herne Hill Record Shop Reggae
Half Moon Lane across from the pub in 1973 but I need a name. Below are shops that we need to find more details so they can be added to the archive. The name has been put forward by Stephen 'Railton Records'.

Name of the record shop set up by Debenhams at the back of their store in Minster Street, Reading;
was it either 'Just In' or 'Just In Time' or perhaps a slightly more pretentious 'Justin Tyme' ??
Shop traded in the early 70'

Thornton Heath

​My friend and I remember a record shop located in a parade of shops on the corner of the junction of Brigstock Road and London Road, Thornton Heath. We think it was at No. 3 or 4 Brigstock Parade, or very close to that number. My friend remembers that... “It was a Mrs Woodger who ran the shop. I am pretty sure that she only sold records. She used to have Saturday girls helping her in the shop sometimes.”

On 20th Jan. 2014, Jane Bashford commented on a Bygone Croydon Facebook page: Record shop on corner of London Road and Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath had booths.”

Maybe someone can come up with the name?
Dave Harwood.

Birmingham Shop

Does anyone remember the name of the other reggae shop on Lozells Road in the 1970's. There was Black Wax but also another one a bit further a long Lozells Road. Email Zion ....owned by a man called paddy.