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Name: Jeff
Comment: This was my university. The redheaded American was superhot.
(28 December 2014)

Name: yentone
Comment: Probably the most influential record shop I ever went to was one I could only go to periodically. We had family who lived in Margate, Kent, and summer holidays were always spent there. As I became more interested in music, I found a place there called Funhouse Records. They had an immense stock of new and second-hand vinyl and it was staffed by very knowledgeable, rather freaky folk who would play music that was largely alien to my ears.

On my first visit, I came out with The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu, a couple of Residents albums and Starsailor by Tim Buckley. I think they thought I needed re-educating! Still have them and love them dearly.


31 Dec 2023 at 03:50
My favourite record shop, back in the day (1980s). It definitely delivered a musical education. I bought records by Big Star, Captain Beefheart, Love, and The Byrds, amongst others. I still miss it!



13 Market Place CT9 1ES Margate / Kent
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