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Billy Bragg and my Ukrainian John Peel sessions came from Red Rhino. Janice

Happy memories of buying my first Throbbing Gristle vinyl LP at Red Rhino in York circa 1979.... Ted Trundle

(Apr 20, 2013) Cranky said:I remember when they had Punk singles in a box on the counter and racks full of Prog rock! I must have spent a fortune there in the late 70's early 80's, it was a great place to get punk/ indie & reggae. Very sadly missed.

John Farrell
When Tony told me he was leaving London and planned to open a record store in York "That won't be selling any commercial rubbish, just good new progressive stuff" I was scared of him going bust. I just coudn't imagine a record shop not selling pop music. I'm glad he never listened to me.
John Farrell
He had a vision and it became a reality. That's a wonderful legacy, to make creative things and ideas actually happen.
Max Evans
John Farrell Such a great guy, risked life and limb driving that old van round the North East "wholesaling" his gear to us all. Fantastic times
Jonathan Grant
Loved that shop, spent lots of £££. Never got to know the name of the guy in the photo.

Red Rhino records once on Gillygate in York then in Goodramgate, ( where a succession of bad pressings from Diamond head Canterbury and Jethro Tull Broadsword turned me temporarily off vinyl.) steviecrowder




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